Monday Morning QB:
Resources to Review Sunday’s Homily/Gospel

Today we begin a new feature on Joe Catholic: Monday Morning QB. Every Monday, we will strive to collect a few sources that will help you carry the Gospel message from Sunday throughout the week. Additionally, for all you fantasy football freaks, we will also list the Top 3 QB performances from the weekend’s NFL games. Finally, we will close out with some Catholic QB trivia or at least some Catholic sports nugget. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to recommend additional sources in the comments.

Homily Sketchnotes by Rob Dimeo

You can follow Rob Dimeo on Flickr or Twitter @Rob_Dimeo,

iPray with the Gospel Podcast


You can listen to this week’s podcast or read the full text on the St. Josemaria Institute website.

Top 3 QB performances:


  1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay (20/34, 199 PaYds, 2TDS & 16 RuYds  1TD)
  2. Russell Wilson, Seattle (27/43, 258 PaYds, 1TD, 1 Int, & 16RuYds)
  3. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis (3147, 385 PaYds, 4 TDS & 21 RuYds)

Stat Source: Fantasypros

Catholic QB Trivia:

San Diego Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers is Catholic and has appeared a number of times on EWTN.

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